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Photographic Colourist

Guards formed an LMG position on the A33, Woodmancott, Hampshire 1938

1938, on the A33, not far from the Hamlet of Woodmancott, we find a Lewis Gun manned by two Guardsmen, overlooked by a Sergeant next to a Universal Carrier.

Colour by Dan Steele

The original image caption suggests these are Scots Guards, but the Sergeants cap suggests that he is a member of the Coldstream Guards. The Gunner manning the Lewis Gun is wearing a traditional Scottish cap called a Glengarry.

A Bren gun carrier and Lewis gun team take up positions by a sign on the A33 trunk road, during exercises in Hampshire in 1938. © IWM H 275
Image reverse: © IWM H 275

The road signs give us some great clues about the location, the A33 still the traces of a junction leading to Woodmancott today.

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