Dan Steele

Photographic Colourist

Southern Railway Works, Eastleigh 1944

Southern Railway V “Schools” class locomotive 914 “Eastbourne” is worked on in their Eastleigh Works, 1944.

Colourised by Dan Steele

I was drawn to this image because of the sense of atmosphere the original portrayed. The low light and resultant slow shutter has blurred the figures and given it the feel of an oil painting, and that has carried over to the colourised version I’ve produced.

Original Caption: “TURKISH RAILWAY DELEGATION VISITS SOUTHERN RAILWAY WORKS: TURKISH GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES INSPECT WORK AT EASTLEIGH, HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND, UK, 1944 (D 23497) A general view of railway construction at the works of Southern Railway at Eastleigh in Hampshire. Under construction on the left is the locomotive number 914 ‘Eastbourne’.” © IWM D 23497

The steam locomotive in the foreground is known as a SR (Southern Railway) V Schools class, and was designed for intermediate passenger services. More commonly found in a green livery, during the second world war, they were all painted black1.

Locomotive 914 “Eastbourne” (30914) was built in 1932 by the Eastleigh Works and was in service until 19612. During the Second World War, 914 would have played a vital role in helping transporting troops and other personnel around the country.

There are three surviving Schools class locomotives, one of which, 925 “Cheltenham”, is still local and can be found at the Mid-Hants railway.

During the Second World War, the Eastleigh works branched out into other areas of the war effort, producing parts for Blenheim bombers and Horsa gliders.

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