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Wing Commander Thomas “Butch” Dalton-Morgan DSO, OBE, DFC & Bar

Wing Commander Thomas “Butch” Dalton-Morgan DSO, OBE, DFC & Bar, one of “The Few”, flying Hurricanes with No. 43 squadron during the Battle of Britain. Later converting to Spitfires, he went on to become the squadron’s longest-serving commander and also served as an advisor to the 4th Fighter Group, USAAF. By the end of the war, he had 22 confirmed victories.

Photographed at RAF Harrowbeer, Devon whilst in charge of the Iblsey Wing, early 1943.

Colour by Dan Steele
“Wing Commander T F “Butch” Dalton-Morgan, while leader of the Ibsley Wing, at Harrowbeer, Devon. From the time of his posting to No. 43 Squadron RAF as a flight commander in June 1940, until he was rested from operations in February 1942, by which time he was the Squadron’s longest-serving Commanding Officer, Dalton-Morgan shot down at least 14 enemy aircraft. After his return to operations with the Ibsley Wing, he flew with the 4th Fighter Group, 8th USAAF, and then became operations officer with the 2nd Tactical Air Force. By the end of the war he had scored 22 confirmed victories.” © IWM CH 8977

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