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The Children of Hythe Schools, Hampshire, circa 1910

The Children of Hythe Boys and Girls Schools pose on the road outside. Hythe, Hampshire, circa 1910.

Colour by Dan Steele

This is a photograph that really interests me as I grew up in Hythe, and actually attended this School as a child, and had lessons in some of the same classrooms as these children.

It’s hard to know exactly when the photograph was taken, but we do know that Edward Mudge moved to the area in 1904 and was certainly taking photographs around 1908. Judging by the uniform style, it can’t really be much later than 1910?

I’d love to know more about the child on the right of the front row, he looks like such a character?!

“Hythe Schools” Edward Mudge © New Forest Heritage Centre

How things look these days, thanks to Google Maps.

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