Dan Steele

Photographic Colourist

A Civilian Technical Corps volunteer, Bournemouth 1941

J. E. Beardwood of Brooklyn, New York, offers a treat to two young children on a sunny street in Bournemouth, England, in 1941. Beardwood is a member of the volunteer organisation, the Civilian Technical Corps who had recently arrived in England to help assist with the war effort. Their primary support function was to assist with Radar and Radio operations.

Colour by Dan Steele
AMERICANS IN BRITAIN: THE ARRIVAL OF THE CIVILIAN TECHNICAL CORPS, BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND, 1941 (D 4921) J E Beardwood of the Civilian Technical Corps offers sweets to a young boy and girl on a sunny Bournemouth street. Beardwood is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and has a wife and two daughters back in the United States. © IWM D 4921
The building in the background of the image appears to be what was then the Annerley Court Hotel, which is where many of the volunteers were billeted.

The Annerley Court Hotel is now a Co-op supermarket, on Annerley Road, Bournemouth.

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