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A German Heinkel He 111 downed over Southampton Water during the Battle of Britain

According to the IWM catalogue, this German Heinkel He 111P of Stab./KG 55 was shot down “over Southampton Water” by RAF Hurricanes of ‘B’ Flight, No. 43 Squadron on 12th July 1940.

“A German Heinkel He 111P bomber of Stab/KG 55 which crash-landed at Hipley in Hampshire on 12 July 1940. It was shot down by Hurricanes of ‘B’ Flight, No. 43 Squadron over Southampton Water.” © IWM HU 90819

The aircraft is pictured here having apparently crash landed in a field near the Hamlet of Hipley, Hampshire. It’s unclear what the fate of the crew was, but the plane is riddled with .303 bullet holes from the Hurricanes.

Loose wreckage from the aircraft appears to have been collected into piles near the front of the aircraft, so one might guess that the photograph was taken a little while after the crash.

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