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W.A.A.F. caring for a Coastal Command Short Sunderland

I’ve been working on adding colour and cleaning up an image showing members of the W.A.A.F. (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force) taking care of one of the Bristol Pegasus engines belonging to a Short Sunderland MK III aircraft.

The original caption on the image does not offer a location, but I believe it to be RAF Station Mount Batten, on Plymouth Sound in Devon.

©Google maps offers a street view from a similar angle of the photograph, showing the existing hangar buildings.

RAF Mount Batten was the regular home of RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) No. 10 Squadron, who were under RAF operational command, so there’s a good chance the aircrafts shown belong to them. It’s also possible that it could have been No. 461 Squadron, who also spent time at the station, in 1942.

© IWM CH 13659
“Maintenance of the Sunderland. Care of the engines and minor repairs are the responsibility of airwomen under the guidance of an NCO. These three fitters and flight mechanics are greasing and oiling.” © IWM CH 13659

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